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Party Bus Pros in Madison, WI are here to offer you the biggest and best limo bus experience of your life. Let us carry you through your next big event, all while providing top tier service and value that some companies just won’t give you.

Your party bus rental is just a click away. Planning your next big event and need to get around in style? Party Bus Pros is the only way to go here in Madison, Wisconsin. We have you covered for any and all events you could possibly think of. Thinking of spicing up your party? Need a shuttle for your corporate outing? Go to the pros. We want you to feel like you can have the time of your life and create memories without worrying about the drive.

No matter what you are planning, give us a call and tell us all about your next big event and how we can help.

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Our Mission

Any party bus rental service can get you around and do it right, but why sacrifice luxury paired with affordability? Here, we want give you a top tier party bus service for cheap. We understand that sometimes the event itself is already going cost you too much, and we want you to be able to have a party bus service that isn’t going to break the bank.

​Style, comfort, and affordability: this is what you can expect from the pros. Why should you have to sacrifice one quality for another? We think that you shouldn’t have to. Our school of thought is to provide all facets of party bus service that people enjoy and bring them all together. You may think it sounds too good to be true to have top tier service and buses at a low price. Think of it this way: when we provide you with top tier service at a low price, you are going to have a great time and not think twice about going to the pros. This is all a win for us, as long as our customers are not only satisfied, but ecstatic about their party bus rental experience.

This is just a taste of what our party limo bus can do for you.
Any event; any time. The Party Bus Pros are ready to help you any day of the year. Don’t let your event fall short of extraordinary. We believe that every wedding or birthday or any other event should be able to enjoy having a party bus to ride in. It helps bring together any group for any occasion. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to all sit together, laugh, and have a great time.

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Our affordable party buses are both spacious and comfortable. No matter how many friends and guests you are going to have on the bus, we have a party bus to accommodate. The selection here at the pros will blow you away. There are party buses for small and large events. Any size you need, we are ready to give you all you could dream of to have the time of your life.

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​Don’t be afraid to call and ask about any of the party buses at your disposal. It’s not about which party bus you could have, it’s about getting you the one you want, when you want it.

​We promise to match and exceed your expectations and our competitors. If you aren’t getting the most professional and affordable service in town, we are going to set it right. We won’t let any disappointed customer’s pleas go unheard. This is the party bus rental service you’ve always dreamed of. There is no competition when it comes to doing what we do here.

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