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Are you looking for a Hummer Limo?  Look no further!  We have a great experience waitting for you.  The Hummer Limo is the perfect blend of class, elegance and just plain awesome sauce. Perfect for many occasions when you and twenty of your best friends want to head into a game, concert or any special occasion like a dress rehearsal or wedding party.  Not to mention even office parties and the amazing sound system will help drown out the annoying person at the office if you’re the one that ends up sitting next to them.  All kidding aside, the Hummer Limo makes for a great night or day out. Offering speed and comfort in a totally unique style and setting.
Many of our clients enjoy the Hummer Limo for it’s more limited size seating up to 20 but really comfortable at 18 people.  It’s size makes it easy for you and your entourage to slip into and out of venues without the size and trouble some of the larger busses have, allowing you and your party to keep moving on to your next location.  The Hummer limo is loaded with sweet surprises technology and aftermarket detail that you only get from a Party bus company like us. 

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Why? Because we not only drive our impressive fleet of Party buses, Hummer limos and stretch limos but we also work on them allowing us to create custom surprises and details that are not usually available.  We love to ride in our own fleet and it shows.  The Hummer limo is an impressive machine and lets the rest of the party know that you have arrived. It’s classy, stylish 15 percent badass and 100% fun.

No matter where your destination is the Hummer Limo is a great choice. Trying to find an excuse to still through that bash? Now is the time to book. With all great things time and availability is the key to booking the best experience. Booking a Hummer Limo can be a great experience for friends going to wine country right here in the madison wisconsin and surrounding area. Games, Concerts and Wine of my! Yes the opportunities to take Hummer Limo are only limited by your imagination and our customers have great imaginations.

One business owner recently booked the Hummer Limo to drive employees home after a huge party they had celebrated a milestone for their company.  What a responsible and thoughtful thing to do when offering alcohol at a party sponsored by a company.  Not only thoughtful but very smart.  Limiting liability and raising the fun factor but 22 points. Our customer told us after the party that the fact that they offered the Hummer Limo for rides home allowed people to really cut loose and have fun in a safe and controlled environment.

Ultimately no matter what vehicle you choose a party bus, party van or the hummer limo you will know that your heading out in style, comfort and safety with pros that care about excellent delivery and uncompromising fun!