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​so you’re here because you’re looking for a Hummer limo rental? Will you come to the right website and you come to the right company. Not all Hummer limo rentals are the same. It’s important that when you choose a Hummer limo that you choose one first based on the size of your group. This is the exact same advice to we give for all of our transportation services specifically party buses. It might seem pretty obvious when booking a party bus to have an idea in mind how many people are going to attend. It gets even more important when choosing a Hummer limo rental specifically because some limos of the Hummer type can be limited to the comfort level that you might want to experience versus the actual people that it is created to hold. For instance we have a Hummer limo rental that seats technically 20 people but really depending on the type of venue and the type of clothing people could be wearing it might be more advantageous to only limited to 18 people. to add to that as a further example specifically wedding parties or wedding party entourages outfits can be somewhat more formal and the dresses can be bigger with a larger space typically required then if you were just wearing a pair of jeans out for a baseball game or some other type of more casual environment. we aim to please by offering the best advice based on our years of experience and thousands of 1,000s of customers. Not only do we have the experience that we’ve gained from serving our customers we to enjoy using our own services. 

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One of our best customers when it comes to Hummer limo rental is us. We have a large team here to help service, maintenance and ensure that you’re safety is priority number one and we often find ways to encourage our team with nights out on the town.

So not only are you gaining the experience that we have with our customers you’re gaining direct knowledge from people that use the product that you are looking to use. Picture ​The best way to get the best vehicle for your date and time is just to give us a call and have a brief discussion about your date time and venue that you’re planning on attending. I’m calling ahead months in advance is always advisable when it comes to getting exactly the product that you want. When we use the word product were specifically talking about the specific style of Hummer or party bus that we have to offer. having a great conversation with one of our agents that more than likely has been on this vehicle is going to be someone that will be able to talk to you in depth and give you some reliable details and create advice that would otherwise be difficult to get from other companies that offer party buses experiences or a Hummer limo rental. all of our employees have been on all of our buses and all of our party limos so they can give the best advice possible when booking. We look forward to taking care of you and your party give us a call today and book soon for the best experience.